Fire resistant doorsets new Standard published


8 December 2010

A new Standard for Fire-resistant doorsets NZS 4520:2010 has been published that will help to prevent loss of life and protect property in a fire. NZS 4520 specifies requirements to test, install, and maintain fire-resistant doorsets used as part of the fire-protection solution in buildings.

'NZS 4520 supersedes AS/NZS 1905.1:1997. It provides manufacturers, suppliers, and installers with installation and testing requirements for fire-resistant doorsets that are aligned with best practice in New Zealand,' says Daryn Glasgow, committee Chair.

'The Standard also provides a mechanism for keeping up with changes that are appropriate to New Zealand.'

Fire-resistant doorsets are designed to protect the openings in walls and elements of construction that are required to resist the passage of fire. Fire-resistant doorsets help to confine fire to control fire spread, so that people can escape from fire.

NZS 4520:

  • complements the fire-protection requirements of the New Zealand Building Code
  • is to be used with the appropriate clauses of AS 1530.4
  • is not applicable to lift landing doors and access hatches

DZ 4520 was released as a draft Standard for comment for both fire-resistant and smoke-control doorsets. As a result of the public comments received, the sponsors and the committee reduced the scope of NZS 4520 to only cover fire-resistant doorsets. It is proposed that smoke-control doorsets are covered under a different Standard, to be developed at a later date.

The NZS 4520 committee included representatives of the following nominating organisations: BRANZ, Department of Building and Housing, Fire Protection Association New Zealand, Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand, Institution of Fire Engineers, Local Government New Zealand, New Zealand Fire Service, and Property Council New Zealand.

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