Upcoming pricing changes effective 1 May 2010


Like many organisations, Standards New Zealand regularly monitors the impact of inflation on the cost of providing its products and services. The cost of printing and publishing Standards and our ongoing operational expenses have been steadily rising in recent years. We do not receive government funding and rely on revenue from development contracts and the sales of Standards to cover our operating costs.

As a result of a recent review, we wish to advise our first price increases in two or more years, effective from 1 May 2010.

  • The price of hard copy and PDF publications will rise by an average of 6.1% – the maximum price increase for any single publication or set will be 7.5%
    • Note that NZS 3604:1999 Timber framed buildings pricing will remain unchanged until the revised version is released (planned for late 2010/early 2011)
  • Online Library subscriptions are subject to a 7.5% price increase at the time of subscription renewal effective 1 May 2010.
  • Asset Plus annual monitoring subscriptions will rise from $70 minimum (plus GST) per year, to $150 minimum (plus GST) per year. This is the first price increase applied to Asset Plus charges for over seven years and will apply to all subscription renewals from 1 May 2010.
    • The Asset Plus per document monitoring cost for New Zealand and Australian documents will rise from $2 (plus GST) to $3.50 (plus GST) from 1 May 2010
    • The Asset Plus per document monitoring cost for foreign (international) documents will rise from $3.50 (plus GST) to $5.50 (plus GST) from 1 May 2010.
  • Standards New Zealand membership fees will remain unchanged at this time.

These price increases are necessary to ensure we can continue to deliver the consensus-based quality products and services that we are proud to have been delivering for over 75 years.

Minor change to our pricing structure

You may be aware that we are having to change our finance system this year. As part of preparing for this, we are taking the opportunity to make a minor change to the way we price publications. From 1 May 2010, our retail publication prices will be set in 'flat' dollar amounts (such as $68.00 plus GST).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us on 0800 782 632 during business hours, or email enquiries@standards.co.nz.