Radio frequency identification


27 April 2010

The need to be able to trace products throughout the supply chain has strongly increased in recent years, for reasons of safety and reliability. The new Supply chain applications of RFID – Product tagging Standard ISO 17367:2009 will help manufacturers and distributors to track products and to manage their traceability thanks to standardised radio frequency tags.

Traceability is defined as the tracking and tracing of a product and information related to it at each stage of a chain of production, processing, distribution, and selling. The development of radio frequency identification (RFID), including peripheral devices and their applications, will help to increase the safety and reliability of products for consumers.

'ISO 17367:2009 will provide higher-level security of products worldwide using RFID technology,' says Craig Harmon, Chair of Technical Committee 122/working group 10. 'It will enable easy and efficient exchange of commodities in international trade and logistics.'

ISO 17367:2009 defines the basic features of RFID for use in the supply chain when applied to product tagging. The new Standard applies to a wide range of industries and is compatible with four other Standards that define the technical aspects and data hierarchy of information required in each layer of the supply chain:

  • ISO 17363:2007 Supply chain applications of RFID – Freight containers
  • ISO 17364:2009 Supply chain applications of RFID – Returnable transport items (RTIs)
  • ISO 17365:2009 Supply chain applications of RFID – Transport units
  • ISO 17366:2009 Supply chain applications of RFID – Product packaging

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