Transfer of the QR-012 secretariat


6 July 2009

Standards Australia (SA) and Standards New Zealand (SNZ) are pleased to announce the transfer of the QR-012 secretariat from SA to SNZ – effective immediately.  This will bring together EL-002 and QR-012 into one secretariat under the management of SNZ.

A number of Australian and New Zealand stakeholders are members of both committees and the linking of them under one secretariat will enable meetings to be coordinated and the work progressed in a more efficient and timely manner.

This in effect will establish one leadership committee for appliance safety in Australasia.

EL-002 is the joint committee responsible for preparing Australian/New Zealand Standards for the safety of electrical equipment, appliances, and small power transformers. QR-012 is the joint committee responsible for coordinating and managing the rules for the operation of a compliance/conformance marking scheme for electrical and other products taking into account the requirements of the regulatory authorities.

The combined secretariat will be managed by Bev Harniss (email address: who project manages EL-002 .  After following protocol for the appointment of Chairs, SNZ  has appointed  Derek Johns as  Chair of the new NZ secretariat.

For any queries please refer to Bev Harniss.