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16 December 2009

Standards New Zealand's programme of work to deliver the first phase of our Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) from mid 2010 is well underway. Under the Government shared services scheme, we have engaged test resources from Government Technology Services (GTS), a division of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), to develop a test strategy.

'We do not have dedicated testers on staff and by using GTS, we can leverage expertise, cost effectively, to help us to mitigate risk in our ISSP,' says Alison Holt, ISSP Programme Director at Standards New Zealand.

Test strategy to reduce risk

'The two requests for proposals (RFPs) we issued in October 2009 have closed,' says Alison. 'Evaluation panels have reviewed the RFPs and we have just selected the successful candidates. We will proceed to the proof of concept and testing stages in early 2010.'

'The test strategy will ensure we understand and manage the risks we face when putting in our new systems, and ensure that the new systems will work in the way we expect and want. The actual business acceptance testing will be carried out by our staff, next year.'

The test strategy is being developed now and will soon be finalised. It will then be discussed with the successful providers and will form an agreed test plan, which will be incorporated as a fundamental element of our deployment strategy in the new year.

Government Technology Services provides information technology capacity

Standards New Zealand is one of the first government organisations to use the testing resources at GTS. GTS moved from the State Services Commission to combine with DIA's Information and Communications Technologies group in July 2009.

'Many Government departments are not big enough to justify their own information technology (IT) teams and GTS allows Government departments to share existing IT services,' says Matt Mansell, Manager of Testing Services at GTS. 'We are geared to provide professional IT services and IT capacity to any government department as needed.'

'Standards New Zealand has ageing information systems and the ISSP will bring these systems up to the current, vendor-supported standards. Our role at Standards New Zealand is to ensure that comprehensive testing is completed prior to rolling out new systems.'

'The test strategy will help Standards New Zealand to develop a risk profile; identify, rate, track, and mitigate risks; and ensure new systems work and meet their business requirements.'

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