Revised health and disability services Standards published


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22 October 2008

Standards New Zealand has published the revised NZS 8134:2008 Health and disability services Standards, with approval from the Minister of Health.

The revised Standards will be mandatory from 1 June 2009, for those health and disability services, residential services, mental health services, rest homes, and hospitals required to comply with the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001, says Gillian Grew, Chief Advisor (Services), at the Ministry of Health.

The Standards establish safe levels of care for consumers, set out the rights of consumers, and ensure service providers are clear about their responsibilities for good outcomes.

Health providers can use the Standards to streamline the auditing process used to comply with the Act, and to remain up to date with best practice. Other health and disability services should also consider adopting the Standards, says Gillian.

The Ministry of Health sponsored and managed a review of the 2001 Standards, following feedback from stakeholders. An expert Standards New Zealand development committee, which included representatives from the health, disability, mental health, aged care, and other sectors, conducted the review. The review also included public consultation.

The revised Standards reduce duplicated content between four health Standards published in 2001, are simpler to use, and reflect current best practice. The Ministry of Health published a regulatory notice in the New Zealand Gazette on 2 October 2008, with the effect of bringing NZS 8134:2008 into force on 1 June 2009.

The four parts of the revised Standards are available as a set or separately. Each part should be read in conjunction with Part 0.

NZS 8134.0:2008

Health and disability services (general) Standard , contains general and reference information, including definitions and the audit framework. It replaces the general information from NZS 8134:2001, NZS 8141:2001, NZS 8142:2000 and NZS 8143:2001.

NZS 8134.1:2008

Health and disability services (core) Standards, contains required outcomes, Standards, and criteria. They replace NZS 8134:2001 and NZS 8143:2001.

NZS 8134.2:2008

Health and disability services (restraint minimisation and safe practice) Standards, are intended to reduce the use of restraint in all its forms and to encourage the use of least restrictive practices. They replace NZS 8141:2001.

NZS 8134.3

Health and disability services (infection prevention and control) Standards, are designed to reduce the rate of infections in the health and disability sector. They replace NZS 8142:2000.

The Standards are available from Standards New Zealand:, or call the customer services team on 0800 782 632.

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