Toys and safety


Standards New Zealand has issued three joint Australian/New Zealand draft Standards on toy safety for public comment. This is part of an ongoing initiative to align AS/NZS Standards with International and European Standards.

The Standards for public comment are:

DR07376 Safety of toys Part 9: Organic chemical compounds—Requirements

  • Specifies requirements for the migration or content of certain hazardous organic chemical compounds from/in certain toys and materials.

DR07377 Safety of toys Part 10: Organic chemical compounds—Sample and extraction

  • Specifies the sample preparation and extraction procedures for establishing the release from those toys for which requirements exist in AS 8124.9.

DR07378 Safety of toys Part 11: Organic chemical compounds—Methods of analysis

  • Specifies methods for the analysis of toy and toy material extracts prepared according to the sampling procedures in AS 8124.10, and enables assessment of compliance with the chemical requirements specified in AS 8124.9.

Standards New Zealand encourages relevant organisations to take the opportunity to review these drafts and provide comments. 

To obtain a copy of the draft Standards please email Craig Killey from Standards New Zealand at, or phone (04) 498 3979.
The closing date for comments on the three draft Standards is 2 November 2007.

If you have any problems accessing or making comments of these drafts please call us on 0800 782 632.

Safety and toys

In the past month there have been several international recalls of children’s toys. These have highlighted the importance of product safety Standards and need for manufacturers, importers and retailers to ensure their products are safe and comply with regulations.

New Zealand has several toys safety Standards that set out general safety, constructional, toxicological, and flammability requirements for toys. These are adopted from international standards and reflect internationally accepted best practice in the area of toy safety.

Our toy safety standards also cover a number of key areas, for example toys that are intended or suitable for use by under threes are required to not have small parts that can be pulled apart from, or break off the toy. They also establish an acceptable size for toys for under threes and set up a range of tests that products must be able to pass, such as a bite test and drop test, without small parts breaking off.

Under the Product Safety Standards (Children's Toys) Regulations 2005 all people involved in the manufacture, distribution and retail of toys for children up to and including the age of 36 months must comply with specified parts of AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 Safety of toys - Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties. This includes the sale, exchange, lease, hire and hire purchase of toys, as well as ‘giveaways’, such as toys given away as prizes at side-show stalls, toys which are gifts with purchase of other goods and toys in breakfast cereal packets.  Private sales of second-hand toys are not covered.

New Zealand’s toy safety Standards are:

For more information or to purchase copies of these Standards visit Standards New Zealand’s webshop or call 0800 782 632.

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