Fire hydrant systems


17 September 2007

Public comment has opened on the draft revision of Fire hydrant systems for buildings (DZ 4510). The Standard sets out minimum technical and performance requirements for fire hydrant systems installed in buildings, and was first published in 1998.

The committee reviewing the Standard felt that the 1998 edition was sound and there was no need to revise it from a zero base.  However, as the Standard is over eight years old, it needed to be brought in line with technological advancements, current best practice, field experience and changes to related Standards.

The draft revision proposes a number of changes to the 1998 edition, including:

  • Aligning the demands for internal hydrant systems for buildings with approved sprinkler systems with SNZ/PAS 4509 New Zealand Fire Service fire fighting water supplies code of practice.
  • Aligning the flow rates for sprinklered buildings with SNZ/PAS 4509.
  • A new informative appendix providing guidance for the installation of hydrants in low-rise buildings. The committee seeks specific feedback on this design criterion.
  • Reducing the arc used to space hydrants from 50 m to 40 m.

As part of the development process a cost benefit analysis was commissioned to analyse the effects of the proposed changes. The results have been included for review in the draft document. The main finding is that the proposed changes are expected to have a small net benefit.

The public comment and submission period runs from 1 October 2007 to 26 November 2007.

If you would like to review the draft and provide comments, you can obtain a copy by downloading it free from our website. You can either comment online by clicking on the ‘Enter comments online’ tab or by downloading and completing a comment form and emailing it to Jono East, Standards New Zealand,