Fire Sprinklers Update


25 January 2006

As most interested readers will be aware, the public comment period for the review of the draft revision of NZS4541 has now closed. With the wide spread publicity generated by both Standards New Zealand and the FPA, it was not surprising that approximately 1000 comments were received, ranging from minor editorial corrections, to recommendations for significant changes. The number of comments compare favourably to that reportably received by the equivalent Australian Sprinkler Committee who are currently finalising their significant review of AS2118.1. - Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.

Public comments suggest changes to every section of the Standard, including sections from the 2003 edition of the Standard that were not proposed for amendment, such as Part 11.

The Sprinkler committee Working Groups will now be convening to carry out an initial review of the Public Comments, before submitting them to the complete Sprinkler Committee for final review. It is expected that the new Standard will be published some time in the final quarter of this year.

Readers are reminded that significant changes are likely between the draft and the final document - the draft should not be used as the basis for the design and installation of sprinkler systems.

While the public comment period has officially closed, if readers still want to contribute to this major rewrite of our Sprinkler Standard, they should still send comments through to Standards New Zealand, via email: or direct dial 04 495 0932.