Important information for Online Library users

Our upcoming website relaunch has important implications for Online Library subscribers.

Online Library subscriptions are currently accessed using a single username and password for each organisation. In future, however, each user will need their own individual email ID and password to log in.

What does this mean?

When our updated website is launched, only Account Administrators will be able to access Online Library subscriptions. Administrators will then need to set up each individual user to enable their continued access.

To avoid experiencing a disruption to our customers' Online Library service, we are offering to upload all users into the new system.

What's needed?

Account Administrators are asked to provide individual email addresses and roles (‘Administrator’, ‘Purchaser’ or ‘User’) for any users who continue to require Online Library access.

Administrators can either use the list of users attached to our most recent email sent to them, or follow the steps below to create a list of users and then add their email address and user role.

To run a usage report to help determine roles, Administrators should follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner and click ‘View and edit profile’ in the drop down menu.
  2. When you see your profile on the left, click ‘Online Library settings’.
  3. Within Online Library settings, you will see ‘Reports’. The second report, ‘Subscription Usage’, gives the names users entered when logging in.

Why are these user roles required?

New security measures are being introduced as a part of the Online Library service update. Each user now requires their own unique login and they also need to be assigned an Online Library Access ‘role’.

There are three roles available:

When the new website is launched, each user will receive an email asking them to verify their credentials before they can continue to access an Online Library subscription. We will remind Administrators to ask their users to verify their emails closer to the time.

Please note: The link in the email will expire after 7 days, so they will need to complete the verification process promptly to ensure continued access.

Administrators, please complete this spreadsheet(external link), then attach and email it to us by 22 January 2021.

* If your organisation accesses the Online Library through IP addresses or Auto login, you don’t need to provide a list of User roles. Your current set up will be replicated in the new system.

What's needed when the website launches?

After the launch Administrators will need to set up each individual user when they request access to your Online Library subscription.