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Standards New Zealand is the New Zealand member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO notifies its members of new work proposals by way of either a New Field of Technical Activity (NFTA) or a New Work Item Proposal (NWIP). All ISO members are then invited to consider the new work proposal and indicate their approval of the area for standardisation, and their intention to participate in any committees that approved projects are assigned to. ISO members can choose whether they want to be part of a particular Technical Committee, and their level of involvement. Observing (O) members can follow the development of standards, while participating (P) members actively participate by voting on the standard at various stages of its development. 

Current proposals

Guideline for inclusive service: identifying and responding to consumers in vulnerable situations

Standards New Zealand is seeking feedback on this new work proposal. COPOLCO – ISO's forum for promoting consumer interests in standardisation – has proposed this activity. To submit comments including support for or opposition to the proposal, please email Comments received will be used to form a New Zealand position on this proposal. Please provide your comments by Monday, 8 May 2017.

When submitting your views, please consider these questions:

  1. Is this proposed standard relevant to New Zealand?
  2. Should Standards New Zealand vote to approve, disapprove, or abstain from the standard development work?
  3. If you believe Standards New Zealand should vote to disapprove, please provide comment to justify your reasoning.
  4. Are there any relevant documents from New Zealand that ISO should consider as part of any potential standard development work (for example, standards, regulations, industry guidelines)?  
  5. Do you have any additional comments?
  6. If the vote is approved at ISO and a Technical Committee is established, do you believe New Zealand should participate in the work, observe the work, or not participate in the standard development work?

This table [DOCX, 32 KB] shows the ISO new work proposals that have been received since January 2015, and the New Zealand voting position that has been cast.

Should you have any enquiries about ISO new work proposals that have closed or that we are currently seeking views on, please contact

View (external link) previous ISO new work proposals. 

There is more information about getting involved in standards development on our Resources (external link)  and Do you want to be involved? (external link) pages.

There is more information about our committees on our Standards development committees (external link) page.

Last updated 6 April 2017