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The difference between a portfolio and catalogue

An Online Library portfolio displays individual standards and any predefined catalogues you are subscribed to. An Online Library catalogue is a predefined list of standards selected by Standards New Zealand and industry experts for different sectors.

User limits

This is determined by your concurrent user limit. To view this limit, an Online Library Administrator must:

  • Click on their name at the top right corner of the page
  • Click ‘View and edit profile’ from the drop down
  • Click ‘Online Library settings’ on the left side of the page. The ‘Maximum concurrent users’ is listed here.

When you sign up to the Online Library service, you can choose between 1 and 20 concurrent users. If you require more than 20 concurrent users, or want to increase your concurrent users, please email with a list of the standards you require and your concurrent user limit.

Start to use your Online Library service 

Provide us with a list of standards you want to access; we then prepare a quotation for you. When the quote is accepted and a service agreement signed, we will guide you through setting up your portfolio. The standards available online are in PDF format.

Cancelling your Online Library subscription?

If you would like to cancel your Online Library subscription, please follow the Administrator user guide, or your Online Library Administrator can email Please include your customer number and reason for cancellation. Note our terms and conditions contain information on cancellations.

Online Library subscription user name and password

This information can only be provided to your nominated Online Library contact person. If you are not your organisation’s contact person, please call 0800 782 632 or email and we will provide the name of your organisation's contact person.

International standards in your Online Library portfolio

We can only provide New Zealand, Joint Australian/New Zealand, and adopted standards in Online Library portfolios. 

Purchasing hard copy and PDF standards with an existing Online Library subscription

You can make purchases, but please note, that you cannot make purchases while logged in as a read-only user. If you need your Administrator login details, please contact your Online Library Administrator or email with your customer number.

Receiving an unexpected invoice

You received your Online Library annual subscription renewal invoice because it is time to renew your subscription for another year. If you have any questions, please call 0800 782 632.

Administrator username and password

The Administrator username and password are needed to log in to your organisation's account and update account information, run reports, and purchase standards. If you've forgotten your Administrator username and password, please call 0800 782 632.

Online Library Read-only username and password

A Read-Only username and password is needed to access the standards in your Online Library portfolio. (Some organisations set up an auto login process.)

Adding more standards to our Online Library portfolio

If you are the Online Library Administrator please log in using the Administrator username and password, then follow the instructions shown in the Administrator user guide. If you are not the Online Library Administrator please read the Online Library Read-Only user guide and follow the instructions, or ask your Online Library Administrator directly.

Adding more standards to a catalogue

If you want to extend your catalogue email with the details and we will confirm if the standard can be added. If not, you will need to add it separately to your portfolio. An additional charge may apply.

Deleting standards from an Online Library portfolio

Under the Terms and Conditions of your Online Library Service Agreement, the only time standards can be deleted from a portfolio is during your renewal period.

Merging Online Library subscriptions

Please email our Online Library team at or call 0800 782 632.

The building catalogue and standards referenced in the Building Code and Building Act 2004

The building catalogue hold all standards referenced in the Building Code and Building Act 2004. Please email if you have any questions.

A charge to change subscriptions after they’ve rolled over

Subscription reviews are given with two weeks’ advance notice. This lets you make any changes before it is renewed. If there are no changes, the renewal automatically rolls over. Making changes after this date requires manual intervention and this administration cost is charged back to you. Refer to our Terms and Conditions.