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A Networkable PDF is a good option if you need to share standards with multiple employees within your organisation.

When you purchase a Networkable PDF licence, you may store the document on your secure internal network and provide access to a number of authorised users within your organisation. This is a cost-effective way to share standards among your staff members.

The cost of your Networkable PDF licence will depend on which standards you wish to purchase and how many people need to access it on your internal network at the same time (concurrent users). The minimum number of users when purchasing a Networkable PDF is three. If you need more than 20 concurrent users please email

We recommend you sign up to our Keep me up to date or Asset Plus services. This will alert you if the standard/s you have purchased and stored on your network have been revised or amended, or their status has changed.

Currently, a Networkable PDF licence is available for New Zealand, joint Australian/ New Zealand and ISO and IEC standards.

To find out more, email