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Many businesses, organisations and industries require ongoing access to standards, including for multiple staff members. Standards New Zealand publishes, sells and enables access to New Zealand, joint Australian/New Zealand and international standards. Our Access Solutions offer a range of options to ensure you have standards available to those who need them quickly and easily.

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Digital reader pilot

Enabling easier access to standards through digital innovation

The way documents are read, used, and shared is changing. Standards New Zealand has been exploring digital options for making our standards more accessible to our users. We have launched a six-month trial of a new digital reader pilot to trial the use of standards in a web-based format.

This pilot will run until September 2021 and help us shape the future of how standards are consumed. The digital reader format will allow users to carry standards in their pocket, no matter where they are and no matter how large or complicated the standard might be.

For more information, see digital reader pilot or email us at

Digital reader pilot