Webshop/Technical questions

Opening PDFs, problems opening PDFs…

I ordered a PDF of a standard and now I can't open it.

Please email details including a screenshot of the issue where applicable, to enquiries@standards.govt.nz or call 0800 782 632 during business hours.

I ordered a PDF of a standard and I haven't received it.

Please check the junk mail folder of the nominated email address for your email receipt. Otherwise call 0800 782 632 during business hours or email enquiries@standards.govt.nz and we will advise how we can help.

I'm trying to order online and I'm having problems.

Please call 0800 782 632 during business hours or email details to enquiries@standards.govt.nz and we will assist.

I bought a PDF of NZS 3910/NZS 3915 and I can't open it? Can you help?

We have put the PDFs of NZS 3910 and NZS 3915 into a zip file. This is because, along with the PDFs, we've included Microsoft Word schedules that you can download and print. By placing these files in a zip format we have made it a lot easier to download everything in one go. The zip file can be opened with any zip utility, for example Winzip or Stuffit.

I can't access a standard I subscribed to. Can this be fixed?

Please contact our Online Library team for assistance – call 0800 782 632 during business hours or email onlinelibrary@standards.govt.nz so we can investigate the cause of the problem.

Why can't I download the free file? Why do I have to go through the process of purchasing when the publication is a free download?

To download a free file, you are still required to 'purchase' it using the usual shopping process for a chargeable standard. This is the way our system is set up.