Asset Plus

What is Asset Plus, how much does it cost, how to sign up…

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What is Asset Plus?

Asset Plus is an automatic, hard copy, update service where we monitor your selected list of standards, to ensure that they are kept up to date.

How does Asset Plus work?

Every month we check your list to see if there have been any updates published, that will affect any of the standards on your list. If there are any changes, you will receive an update report by email, advising which standards are affected.

For all New Zealand and joint Australian/New Zealand standards we will automatically send you all relevant revisions and amendments, and you will be invoiced at your normal member’s price or at full retail price if applicable. You will also be advised if any of your selected standards have been withdrawn.

If you have an international document list, the revisions or amendments will not be sent to you automatically. If you wish to purchase them, simply email, marking the purchases you require.

Your lists are automatically updated with the latest changes. Superseded or withdrawn standards are removed from the list and replacement standards are added.

How much does it cost to use Asset Plus?

There are three components in the charges for Asset Plus: a one-off establishment fee, an annual maintenance fee, and the cost of any standards supplied under this update service.

  • Establishment fee – this is a 'per publication' initial fee to cover the cost of setting up your list in the Asset Plus system.
  • Annual maintenance fee – this is payable on joining Asset Plus and then annually on each anniversary.
  • Cost of standards supplied – standards sent to you under the Asset Plus service will be invoiced at normal retail price (less a 20% membership discount for members of Standards New Zealand, for NZS and AS/NZ standards, and less a 10% discount for Australian and other international standards

Download the Asset Plus brochure [PDF, 285 KB] for full details on pricing

What do I do to start using Asset Plus?

To subscribe, simply fill in and sign the application form, adding a list of your present collection of standards, and we will do the rest.

Before your collection of standards is loaded onto our system, we check your list and send you a status report to show which standards are current, which need updating, and which have been withdrawn. Every month thereafter, we automatically send you all relevant revisions and amendments to standards on your list, as they are published, and let you know if any of your standards have been withdrawn. This gives you the confidence of knowing that any time you require the latest standard you will find it in your collection.

How do I order a standard and add it to my Asset Plus list?

You can place your order online, and then email a request for the standard to be added to your Asset Plus list.

Alternatively you can email your order directly to and request which standards on your order you wish to add to your list, to be monitored for future updates. You will receive a confirmation email when this has been completed.

How do I add/remove standards to my Asset Plus list?

Email and list the standards you wish to add to your list. When this has been completed you will receive a confirmation email.

How do I get a copy of my list of Asset Plus standards? I want to review them.

Email requesting a copy or your list, or both lists, if you also have an international document list.

I want to cancel my Asset Plus subscription. Can you do this?

Asset Plus subscriptions must be cancelled in writing by emailing Confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed when completed by the Asset Plus Coordinator.

How do I change our contact person for Asset Plus?

Email and advise the new name and contact details. We will call the new contact person to check on relevant details and to answer any questions they may have on Asset Plus and how it works.

We have two branches with Asset Plus lists and I want to merge them into one list. Can we do this?

Yes, you can merge as many branches as you wish, but you can only have one contact person, one delivery address, and one invoice address per subscription. All Australian and New Zealand standards are loaded on to one list and all international standards are loaded on to another list. All updates and correspondence are sent to the contact person who then distributes them to the relevant branch.

What's the difference between Asset Plus and the Online Library? Which is more cost effective?

Asset Plus is a hard copy update service and the Online Library is an electronic web-based service.

  • The Asset Plus hard copy service monitors and provides updates for all Australian, NZ, and international standards. There are three components in the charges for Asset Plus: a one-off establishment fee; an annual maintenance fee; and the cost of any standards supplied under the update service.

For more information, call 0800 782 632 during business hours or email

  • The Online Library service enables access to selected standards online for as many concurrent users as required. You choose the standards you need; we ensure you always have the most up-to-date versions available in your online portfolio, and users have 24/7 access via the Standards New Zealand website. Only AS/NZS and NZS standards are available in Online Library portfolios. Australian and international standards are not currently available on this service. The annual subscription cost depends on which standards you require, and how many concurrent users you wish to have.

For more information and a quotation, call 0800 782 632 during business hours or email