Review of joint standards

It is essential that standards mirror current practice, are technologically up to date, and reflect present thinking on safety, quality, and environmental impact. Standards Australia is reviewing approximately 1200 standards that are greater than 10 years old.

The aged standards review is being carried out in conjunction with Standards New Zealand, and seeks to ensure those joint Australia and New Zealand standards managed by Standards Australia are current and continue to support trans-Tasman harmonisation where possible.

In the first stage of the review, Standards Australia asked the relevant technical committees with an active work programme to review aged standards within their area of oversight and decide whether particular publications should be reconfirmed, revised, made obsolescent, or withdrawn.

The second stage of the review is seeking the views of the general public (including nominating organisations and a broader range of stakeholders) about all aged standards that do not fall within the oversight of any active committee.

Aged standards, which are not referenced in Australian and/or New Zealand legislation and are not managed by any active technical committee, are being proposed for withdrawal, unless Standards Australia receives advice to the contrary from the public. This approach recognises the fact that while many documents within this group may well be suitable for withdrawal, some documents within this group may still be used in some way within an industry, community, or by government.

Feedback is sought on whether these aged standards are still useful and relevant. If they are still being used in your industry or community, then Standards Australia will work to continue making these standards available.  

View current and previous batches of aged standards proposed for withdrawal.

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Last updated 31 August 2017