Please note that due to the launch of our new website on Monday 1 March, you won't able to comments on draft standards from 5.30pm Thursday 25 February through to Monday morning 1 March. You will be able to comment as usual after this. Thank you for your patience.

Comment on draft standards

Once the content for a standard is written, a draft is made available on our website for anybody to comment on. This process is called public comment. All comments submitted during this period (usually 8 weeks) are reviewed by the technical committee and, if necessary, further drafting is then undertaken.

Drafts can be downloaded free from our website. Search for draft standards by entering a key word, a standard number, or an industry sector (such as electrical) in the search box. Draft standards have ‘DR’ at the beginning of their title for joint Australia/New Zealand drafts, and ‘DZ’ for New Zealand drafts.

Please note, except for comments on EL-002 and QR-012 joint public comment drafts released by us on this website, comments on draft joint standards must be submitted to Standards Australia. Do not use the ‘Submit Comment’ functionality available on our website. The method for submission of comment on these documents is to register and fill in an online form via the Standards Australia Hub website(external link). Instructions and examples of comment submissions are available on the website. However, comments on EL-002 and QR-012 drafts should be submitted through this website.

If you would like to be notified when New Zealand and joint Australia/New Zealand standards are out for public comment, subscribe to our free 'Keep me up-to-date'(external link) email service.

Use the menu on the left to browse current draft standards out for public comment.

Last updated 25 May 2016