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Development committees are central to the standards development process by following a transparent and consensus-based approach that leads to the development of standards solutions that are robust and workable.

Committees are comprised of appointed members who are experts within their profession and who have been nominated by organisations that will be directly affected by the final standards solution. We have some of the best and brightest people in their fields serving on our balanced standards development committees.

Committee members work together to develop content for the standards solution, with input from other interested parties, invited during the public consultation period or working group. This inclusive process generates wide support and recognition for the final standards solution and ensures it is fit for purpose.

Standards span an enormous breadth of subject areas including engineering, building, adventure tourism, organic production, health and disability, consumer and product safety, transportation, gas and electricity, energy efficiency, and risk management. They range from technical guidelines for earthquake resistant building design to safety specifications for household electrical appliances and screening and intervention guidelines for family violence.