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Nominating organisations

Nominating organisations have the opportunity to communicate their views to their nominated development committee member, giving them a voice in the standards development process.

Other benefits include:

  • a direct way to ensure the standards solution will provide value to their organisation and members
  • recognition as a leader within their sector
  • the ability to build awareness of standards solutions within their organisation and sector.

Why participate? Standards nominating organisations [PDF, 3.8 MB]

Development committee members

By being involved in the development of a standards solution, committee members are able to directly contribute to and shape the direction of their sector. The process can also support a committee member’s professional development by:

  • Enhancing their professional experience
  • Building networks and learning from other experts in their field
  • Contributing to, and learning from, the latest international knowledge and practice
  • Helping create trade opportunities
  • Representing and protecting the public interest.
  • Some professional organisations award continual professional development points for standards development involvement that count towards a professional certification, for example, Information Technology Certified Professional.