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Committee members tell us they derive a great sense of satisfaction from participating in the development of standards. They feel they make a valuable contribution to their sectors and to New Zealand as a whole, they build on their professional experience, and they form networks and learn from the expert knowledge of others in their field.

We welcome applications from experts who would like to volunteer to serve on our committees. If you think you have the skills and knowledge and would like to volunteer, please complete the expression of interest form to register your interest.

Express your interest

The Standards development committee handbook explains the role and functions of the committees, the key relationships between committees and other statutory bodies, the legal obligations of members of the committees, and specific policies and procedures that members are required to follow.

Standards development committee handbook [PDF, 558 KB]

There is more information on the standards development process, what it means to be a committee member, and the benefits of being a committee member.

What's involved? Standards development committees [PDF, 2.8 MB]

If you have any questions about standards committees email Standards New Zealand.