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International standards are developed by technical committees and subcommittees. There are three levels of membership for ISO and IEC committees.  As a member body of ISO and IEC, New Zealand can choose to be either a non-member, observer member or a participating member of any of the ISO and IEC technical committees or subcommittees. 

Options for involvement

  • Non-member: No participation or observation of the standard(s) being developed.
  • Observing member (O): This is a watching brief. O-members follow the work of a particular committee without committing themselves to active participation.
  • Participating member (P): P-members are required to play an active role in the work of a committee, as well as vote on all official committee ballots.

In areas where there is significant interest from New Zealand stakeholders and there is a commitment to become participating (P) members, Standards New Zealand will establish an International Review Group (IRG), sometimes referred to as a national mirror committee.

An IRG is usually made up of a mix of individuals, organisations and associations. The IRG is consulted on documents circulated by the ISO technical committee to establish a New Zealand position.  The convenor of the IRG then notifies Standards NZ which way the IRG wishes to vote and Standards NZ will enter the vote on the ISO or IEC website.

The establishment of an IRG requires a minimum of three members, preferably more.  Standards New Zealand also looks to recoup its administrative costs by charging an annual administration fee for each P level committee.  This administration fee is NZ$3,000+GST for the first year and NZ$1,500+GST for each subsequent year.

To become a member of a new or an existing IRG, individuals need to provide information which identifies their skills, qualifications, sector knowledge and experience, related to the standards being developed by a specific TC or SC.  This information is then presented to the Standards Approval Board (SAB), who make the final decision on IRG membership.

The SAB and the New Zealand National Committee of the IEC (NCNZ) approve IEC P committee memberships .

Enquire about ISO committee membership:

Enquire about IEC committee membership:

To become an observer (O) member of an ISO or IEC technical committee/subcommittee, an individual’s email address needs to be linked to the ISO Global Database or the IEC Expert Management System.

ISO technical committees/subcommittees where New Zealand is a participating (P) member (external link) 

IEC technical committees/subcommittees of which New Zealand is a participating (P) member (external link) 

Actively recruiting

We are always keen to receive expressions interest from individuals who may wish to become actively involved in international standards development activities. Individuals are free to identify any specific committee in which they have interest. However, we are currently actively recruiting for new members of the following ISO and IEC committees:

ISO and IEC TCs and sub-committees currently recruiting subject matter experts  [PDF, 80 KB] 

If you have enquiries about ISO committee membership email

If you have enquiries about IEC committee membership email