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All ISO and IEC members are required to consider new work proposals and vote. 

Standards New Zealand is New Zealand’s national standards body and the New Zealand member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Membership of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) is via the IEC National Committee of New Zealand (NCNZ).

All ISO and IEC members are required to consider the any new work proposal and enter a vote approving, disapproving, or abstaining from the proposed new work. To make this decision, Standards New Zealand consults with relevant interested parties and stakeholders. This feedback is used to form the New Zealand voting position.

ISO and IEC members also indicate their required level of involvement in a particular Technical or Subcommittee should a new work proposal pass a full ballot. There are three levels of involvement:

  • Non-member: No participation or observation of the standard(s) being developed.
  • Observing member (O): This is a watching brief. O-members follow the work of a particular committee without making comment, or voting on draft documents.
  • Participating member (P): P-members are required to play an active role in the work of the committee and vote on all official committee ballots.

Further information on how New Zealand stakeholders and interested parties can get involved on international standards committees can be found on our page about ISO and IEC Technical Committee participation.

It is important that New Zealand participates in the work of international standards development committees where there is significant benefit to New Zealand, or where there is significant risk to New Zealand if there is no participation.

Current proposals

There are no current proposals.

If you have enquiries about ISO new work proposals email the ISO admin team.

If you have enquiries about IEC new work proposals email the IEC admin team.