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Manisha Thakur

Manisha and her team have the overall responsibility of the ICT systems that support the operations of Standards NZ team. This includes developing the strategic direction of Standards NZ systems development, enhancement and maintenance programs.

The team has recently delivered the ICT Transformation program, a highly complex initiative that replaced all of Standards NZ legacy IT systems and implemented a Client Relationship Management system, development and collaboration tool for standards development committees and a new website including an e-commerce portal and online subscription services. The brand new modern, cloud based technology platform provide a strong foundation to the business and is the key enabler for Standards NZ to meet its strategic goals and policy objectives.

The team also delivers the Access function including the sales and support for Standards NZ hard copy and digital products and services for several thousand Standards NZ customers. Other responsibilities include maintenance of the standards catalog of products; management of Standards NZ finances including risk management; and provision of business intelligence, reporting and specialist analytics to inform evidence led decision making.

Overall, the team’s work maximises value of standards by enabling digital innovation and easier access to standards products and services.

Manisha’s interest lies in bridging the gap between business and IT. She has extensive experience in delivering projects that leverage system capabilities to deliver critical business outcomes. Customer centricity, effective and efficient process and governance and a continuous improvement mindset are at the heart of her value proposition. Manisha has a Master’s degree in Operations Research, PG Certificate in Information Management and several professional certifications including PRINCE2, AgilePM and ITIL foundation.