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Searching for a standard

Search by entering a title, keyword, or standard number in the search box on the top of each page. If you click through to the search results page by clicking the magnifying glass, you can narrow your search further by using the filters on the left of the page.

Locating a standard

If you can't find the publication you're looking for, contact our Customer Services team. Details are on our About > Contact page.

Accessing a withdrawn or superseded standard

Most withdrawn and superseded standards are available on our website. Use the search at the top of the page and click through to the search results page; the filters on the left of the page can be used to narrow down your search.

Finding a catalogue of standards

Find more information on our catalogues page.

Misprints or mistakes in a standard

Please email details to 

The meaning of the term 'withdrawn'

'Withdrawn' means that the standard is no longer current and has not been replaced by another standard.

The meaning of the term 'superseded'

'Superseded' means that the standard is no longer current and has been replaced by another standard. On occasion, a superseded standard may remain current for a period of time, usually for legislative reasons, for example, if the earlier version of the standard is cited as a means of compliance to regulations.

The meaning of a hammer symbol on the product search page

The hammer means that the publication is a cited document. Hover your mouse over the hammer and a box will pop up with a list of where the publication is cited.

Standards New Zealand and the New Zealand Building Code

We don't sell the New Zealand Building Code. The Building Code Compliance documents are available as downloads from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's website(external link).

The difference between hard copy and PDF

Standards are published in two formats: hard copy (printed) and electronic format (PDF), which can be viewed using a computer or mobile device. PDF formats of standards can be purchased as a single user licence PDF, as part of an Online Library, or as a network licence.

Finding out if an amendment has been incorporated 

Standards New Zealand endeavours to ensure that all new amendments are incorporated into a standard. To see whether an amendment is incorporated, search for the standard you require, and check under the ‘Amendment history’ for that standard.

Payment for standards

Standards New Zealand is self-funded so we need to charge for standards to recover the cost of developing them. We rely on the income we make from the sale of publications to maintain the national standards body, so we can continue to develop standards.

Find the cost of a particular standard

You can find out the cost of a standard by searching for it on our website. Enter the name or number of the standard in the search box. Once you have located the standard you want, click on the title of the document and this will take you to the product page with pricing information.

Accessing a standard for free

Most public libraries have standards available for you to view. Check with your local library for more information. There are also a number of standards that have been sponsored for public access.

View sponsored standards

Updating your details

If you need to change customer contact details, simply log into your account, click on ‘My Account’ in the top right hand corner, the click on ‘My profile’. You can update your details on this page. If you need to change your company name, please email

How to see the standards purchased by your organisation

We can run a report to see the standards your organisation has purchased. Email

Stay notified of the latest updates to a standard

Stay updated through our free Keep me up to date service and Touchstone newsletter.

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Information on product, safety, service regulations and legislation

We don't provide this type of information. You will need to visit the relevant regulator’s website, or speak to the regulator for the industry concerned.

Standards and regulations when importing

Regulations on the import of goods are usually handled by a government department. We suggest considering which regulator has an interest in and visit their website, or search possible departments.

Meeting product standards

You can search our website for standards that meet your needs. However, we recommend checking the regulations relating to your product first. We suggest considering which regulator has an interest in and visit their website, or search possible departments.

Standards and exporting products overseas

Standards New Zealand can supply standards from most countries. Our website has standards from Britain, as well as ISO and IEC international standards. If you require an international standard not on our website, email the details to

We also offer a free service that researches possible technical barriers to trade (TBT) for products that may apply overseas.