Standards solutions are used by a diverse range of organisations to enhance their products and services, improve safety and quality, meet industry best practice, and support trade into existing and new markets. Find out more about the benefits of standards and how we can help you find the right solution for your business.

Why standards? An introduction to the benefits of standards

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Standards development committees are central to the standards development process. Find out what it means to be a committee member involved in developing standards:

What's involved? Standards development committees

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To promote the effective use of standards, we have developed a guide that outlines good practice for regulators selecting and incorporating standards by reference. Find out how standards are used in policy and legislation:

How are standards used in policy and legislation?

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The development of standards is initiated and funded by commissioners from a wide range of private and public organisations. In many cases they are industry bodies or government departments. Find out more about the benefits of funding standards:

Why commission? The benefits of funding standards

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Our standards development committees comprise members who have been nominated by organisations because of their skills, expertise, interest, and knowledge of the subject matter. Find out the benefits of being a nominating organisation:

Why participate? Standards nominating organisations

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 Standards New Zealand is the New Zealand member of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). Find out about how to get involved in international standards development:

ISO new work proposals


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